Martial Witch, protector of the magi

Constitution33Height4 foot
Martial Arts538
First Aid11
Martial Witch5Obligation (Major): Self Mastery0
Race: Mithara10Protector of Magi (Serious)0
Natural Toughness (mw)0Emotional Problem: Cruel0
Chi Focus +1 (mw)0Showoff0
Fast Reaction Time (rm)0
Nerves of Steel (rm)0
Jack of All Trades (+1 Skill Point Per Level) (rm)0
Psychic Visions (rm)0
The Sight: can see magical energies3
Chi Focus +2 (Total Level 3)2
  • Attribute Points: 20
  • Quality Points: 20
  • Drawback Points: up to 10
  • Skill Points: 20
  • Drama Points: 10

Chi Attack
A character uses Chi Attack to make himself (or herself) more potent in an offensive manner when it comes to combat situations. If successful, the character can either make a single attack far more potent, or add several more attacks in a round, at his discretion. To use the ability, a character makes a Chi Focus + Willpower roll. He may do one of three things: make a number of extra attacks equal to half his success levels (rounded up) at no penalty, add his success levels as a bonus to his next attack roll, or may add the success levels of the Chi Focus roll to the success levels of his next attack for the purposes of determining damage. Chi Attack can only be used with bare-handed or close combat weapons. It does not apply to ranged weapons.

Chi Defense
Chi Defense adds to the potential of a character to defend herself in combat. It works in a very similar manner to the Chi Attack, but for defenses rather than attacks. The character may take an additional defense action equal to half her success levels in the Chi Focus + Willpower test (rounded up) at no penalty, or add the success levels of her Chi Focus test to the total of her next defense roll. Finally, she may opt to add the success levels of the Chi Focus test to her Armor Value for one round per level of Willpower she possesses. However, if the character opts to boost her Armor Value, she may not use Chi Focus in any other manner so long as her Armor Value remains augmented.

Chi Healing
Chi Healing represents the capacity to instantly knit wounds and injury. By succeeding at a difficult Chi Focus + Willpower test, the character instantly heals wounds equal to her Constitution level, multiplied by her success levels in the roll. So a character with a Constitution of 3 who makes a Chi Healing roll and gets 3 success levels instantly heals 9 Life points (3X3 is 9). 1 hour per attempted healing.

Empathy Reserve
Your Empathy Reserve is equal to your total Willpower. Unlike the monk’s disciplined access to Chi powers, the Martial Witch utilizes passionate emotions to access Chi, tapping into your Empathy Reserve. Empathy is spent each time a Chi power is used. If your reserve is empty, you begin to take 2 bludgeoning damage for each success in your Chi roll as you are over exerting yourself. In the case of using the Chi Healing power when you are empty of Empathy Reserve, you heal as usual and then take success x 2 in bludgeoning damage.


I’m not asking for much here, Barkeep, and there’s no need to stop pouring. I can see from your hesitation that you recognize me and may have heard a little about my reputation. Tell you what, I’ll let you in on a few bits, you know, from my point of view, because I can tell you’ve obviously been misinformed about my character. Let’s see if this softens the tension that my presence seems to be causing.

Not too long ago my witch abandoned me, or so I thought. It’s a long story, and maybe some night I’ll spin that tale, but to summarize he was tricked by a feline creature from my world that tried to take him from me. Now, he’s stuck in another world (maybe another time) and cannot return. My foolish trust in that cat and subsequent attempt to find my witch landed me in this place.

I was once his familiar, but this place has changed me. I don’t rightly know why, but there you go. Now, I’m a creature known in my world as a Mithara, a High One. Or at least I would have been considered one if I were there. You see, when one has been elevated to the strength and statue of a martial witch, you get privileges, respect. Of course, there are the responsibilities, but that goes with any respectable position.

Although, Katzan is my home now, my roots have not completely abandoned me, for I still love the taste of snakes. Nothing like the scent of a reptile to get me going. Yes, I take at least a little bit of pride in my mongoose past, but I was young and stupid back then. Lucky for me no one here in this land knows me from way back then. I’ve been through a lot since I arrived and kindness only got me grief. Maybe it was the company I kept. Maybe not.

Before that smirk of yours gets any more twisted, I’m fully aware that I look like some foreigner breed. I may even look like a joke. I’ll take that as a compliment and give you my best smile.

Don’t like my smile? I’ll tell you what, Barkeep; As you may have heard, my name is Tanir, and I’m here to serve you a taste of your own medicine if’n you don’t release that pint of ale. My coin is as good as or better than the next patron’s coin. Now, if you don’t want to have to dig this big coin out of a dark and smelly hole, I’d advise you take this payment without objection and pass me that drink.

Oh, and something for my new kitty friend over there.


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