Darkworlders (race)

About the race and planet

Darkworld: A world of perpetual darkness, hidden from the sun, the light shines from the five moons that circle the planet, each a different color ranging from white to blue green, luminescent flowers growing there providing the rest of the lighting for the Marketplace hub. The entire planet is covered in tall thick tree like protrusions from the luminous mosses below, the canopy a mix of vines and the delicate lighting flowers. It is one of the few planets on the Outer Ring that supports life without a sun, the race that thrived the most being the Bats of Darkworld. Small in stature, these people take to the skies, alighting on the branches of the trees, eating mixtures of mosses and other plants that live there, and tiny bugs that fly in the trees, attracted by the sweet plants around the planet.

With the introduction of the portals, the people of Darkworld noticed that travelers were selling wares all over, and wanting to help out some, they allied with the rest of the people around them, and started their own marketplaces in the major cities in the lands they are allowed. The biggest trades of the Darkworld people are arts and trinkets, with a very proficient set of Tinkers to fix whatever you have broken, and the luminous flower pods that they brought from their world. Medicines from these pods were said to cure almost anything, and from research and trade, other races have adopted it as salves, medicines and even night lights for children. The biggest import for the Bats is of course food, but also other arts, and technologies that they found interesting. The entire race is peaceful, never having to fight before so they have very few fighters.

The Darkworlders stand at about 5’5’’ at the tallest. Their wings start under their arms and they have “fingers” that protrude from their elbows. They have a hand with very long fingers that are not part of their wings. They can fold their wings tightly against their arms so that hey aren’t always open, but they still have open sleeved clothing to accommodate their wings. Their feet are clawed and very strong. Many sleep in upside down positions by hanging from their feet.

The Darkworlder’s original culture was that being run by many matriarchs that lead large nations with only a few advisers. The title is passed down along through blood, and if a matriarch has no daughters, then she appoints an heir. Their societies are very peaceful and run an economy based on mostly trading and credit. They really don’t have a monetary system back home.


The small bats stand at four feet at most and two and a half feet at the shortest. Their wings fold from humanoid arms with thin membrane to fly. Their fingers are thing and elongated to better acquire small bugs that burrow into trees or the ground. Their ears are very tall and thin to pick up very soft sounds. Their feet are clawed so they can grab prey and hang upside down to sleep.

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Darkworlders (race)

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