Velvetony (race)


These people believe in two gods. One is a female and the other a male of the species. The legend goes that they are the mother and father of all on the planet, and that everyone is a brother and sister. Because of this way of thinking, they are called to love everyone and are a very peaceful people. The gods names are Tiznael (female) and Ezsop (male). Their names are used as the terms for male and female in their people (“I am of Tiznael.” or “I am of Ezsop.”).

Home World

The planet is somewhat tropical, more humid than Earth. The people lived mostly in trees, believing they are closer to Tiznael and Ezsop who live in the stars themselves. Technology of these people are on par with a Medieval time like Katzan. Also like Katzan, the lands are divided into nations and countries with one empire wanting to control all lands to unite the people of Tiznael and Ezsop.


Their skin consists of numerous, fine transverse rings and is often inconspicuously coloured orange, red or brown, but sometimes also bright green, blue, gold or white, and occasionally patterned with other colors. Rigidity is provided by the hydrostatic pressure of their fluid contents, and movement is usually obtained passively by each leg can being shortened and bent by internal muscles; due to the lack of joints, this bending can take place at any point along the sides of the appendages. Crural glands are situated at the shoulder of the legs, extending into the body cavity. They open outwards at the small wart-like bumps on the belly side of the leg and secrete chemical messenger materials called pheromones. On each appendage is a pair of retractable, hardened chitin claws. On the head is a pair of slender antennae, which serve in sensory perception. Deep within the oral cavity lie the sharp, crescent-shaped “jaws”, or mandibles, which are strongly hardened and resemble the claws of the feet, with which they are probably homologous. The jaws are divided into internal and external mandibles and are covered with fine toothlets. They move backward and forward in a longitudinal direction, tearing apart the prey. To the left and right of the mouth, are two openings designated “oral papillae”. Within these are a pair of large, heavily internally branched slime glands and secrete a sort of milky-white slime, which is used to ensnare prey and for defensive purposes.

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Velvetony (race)

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