In a time before machines and science are the primary focus of society, people lived simpler lives. Even on the planet Katzan, they had a Medieval time. The time of adventurers, kingdoms, knights, and magic. Recently mysterious portals have opened to allow many races from other realms onto the planet. Unknown to those traveling through, the portals only work one way, so they found themselves stuck in this world. Many native races of Katzan welcomed the newcomers and let them settle on their land, while others rejected the refugees and sent them away to live elsewhere. This has caused great controversy between nations, and many believe that a war is fast approaching. In order to subdue the controversy, many adventurers sent by kings and other royalty and nobility have been instructed to figure out the portals however they can to reverse them so that the newcomers could leave. Others with to seal the portals completely. Some wish to prove a point and keep the portals just how they are. At any rate, our adventurers were sent to find a way to either reverse the portals, or make them go two ways to allow people to freely pass between realms.

I’ll be using the Unisystem, much like Buffy, but with some skills replaced or new ones added with new qualities to fit the time and setting. One can play either a Katzantian or any race. Or a race of a “newcomer” which includes, but not limited to, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings, Darkworlders (a race a friend of mine created that are tiny bat-people), or any other you can think of that I approve of. Your character does not have to be from a medieval time period, but they will have to live that way once they are on Katzan. Darkworlders have to also be in a Medieval time, they are the only exception to this.

Katzan at War

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